This blog is a source for small business, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs searching for fast, though thorough, tips and resources that can satisfy their diverse technology demands.

Posts here cover best practices in Search Engine Optimization, social media, blog writing, web design, marketing and promotional material. Groups including “How To…” supply detailed directions for finishing an extensive variety of technology associated jobs. The “Great Tech Tools” group of posts provide an objective review of engineering resources that I’ve found really helpful for smaller businesses with restricted or nonexistent budgets for engineering. Free is the new low-cost.

My name is jack landels and I’m the owner of this blog, also the writer of this blog, and parttime Engineering Supervisor for the Alliance for Performance Excellence. I’ve over 15 years of expertise working in the quality improvement, individual services and technology subjects as an administrator and advisor.

I’ve also worked as a professional and administrator in the corrections, drug abuse and human services disciplines with a particular emphasis on engineering. Take a look at my passion job, at m blog! I love working with several community-based nonprofits as a web technologies advisor, board member and volunteer.